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This. You and me both, Ryan. You and me both.

I went to the movies with Z to see Julie & Julia today. I think it was a good movie with really great actors (Meryl Streep and Amy Adams were fantastic in it). I'm not exactly sure if it was just me being tired, but I felt the pacing could have been better... the ending seemed sort of anticlimactic maybe?

Hi. No rec post yet, I'm afraid. I've been trying to remember some of the stories I've really enjoyed during the last month, and I have already found 15 stories to recommend, but today is not the day I'll be sharing them. I'm feeling a bit... weird. The couple of days after a test week are always odd, just getting used not being stressed or busy, and I've yet to fully settle back into my skin. Though the tiredness could also be related to the scratchy feeling in my throat. I hope it'll pass, it'd be crappy to get the flu that has been around.
So yeah, recs at some point during next week, when I can get properly enthusiastic about them. I'll find a few more to get a nice rounded number and I'm going to even figure out something more than "omg, this is awesome, go read it!!!" to say about the stories. It'll be great, trust me.

 I also have some other stuff I want to ramble about, but I'll have time to tell you about my crazy headband-making plans later, right?

Now I'll go and take a long hot shower, then draw for a while (I have ideas for both my curtain fic art and bandom au art \o/) and go to sleep. Not a terribly exciting plan, but I'm pretty fond of it.
What have you guys been up to?

Edited to cut out some of the excess rambling and to share this:
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 Brendon Urie
Bio: Musician/Private Dancer

That's all I feel like I need to say really.
(Am I just noticing it now or is it a new addition to the twitter bio?)

In any case I'm loving all the twitter shenanigans! Dallon&Brendon&Spence&Shane, keep it up!

It's been an eventful and tiring 3 days, but the freedom is near! Or something, IDEK what I'm talking about anymore, I'm very much half asleep.

To come this weekend: [personal profile] of_silverandsky gave me Patrick Stump to do *g*, so I will be doing that tomorrow when I get home from the movies (gonna go see Inglorious Bastards with Z), camwhoring if I find a camera (I got my hair cut yesterday and it's awesome), possible rambling about my brief identity crisis(if I can even call it that)(I ended up changing bi to queer in my sort-of-an-intro post)(and I finally learned how to pronounce it), and some finnish music if I feel up to dragging myself over to the library.

I got my commentfic cherry popped and here is the comment thread (Spencer/Brendon, pete wentz's blow-up doll, so sweet you'll be fearing for your teeth :D) .
I'll try to clean it up and add to it, basically make it an actual story, but I've never even thought about writing fic so... yeah. 
Goal: to finish fic by New Year.


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