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(I'm half-asleep and the language center of my brain is fried. That's all the disclaimer you're going to get for the following text.)

I live in a place where the general attitude seems to be "we don't care what you are, just don't flaunt it", where the president used to be the chairwoman for the central LGBT organization, where the official language only has one singular third-person pronoun, and where the bishop of the capital and those of a couple other bigger cities (as well as the archbishop of Finland) are openly in favor of blessing same-sex unions. 

At the same time though, I live in a place where the bigger Pride march was attacked with teargas while the smaller one received a bomb threat, where some of my best friends won't be able to get married, and where a priest who quite loudly believes that "homosexuality is a sickness caused by sins" got to be in charge of my confirmation camp.

It makes me sad that in spite of the second paragraph, I have it so much better than a lot of people. Love is a human right, not a right for just the majority.

So for those who haven't noticed it yet, I'm Ace, I'm queer and of currently unspecified gender, and I'm damn well going to "flaunt it" if I want to.

And to make this post not just a rant:
-First snow. What.
-I'm currently studying Finnish, Swedish, English, French, Latin and Russian (love them all, especially the last two newest additions).
-still have no idea what I want to study. Fashion Communication sounds pretty interesting. Now if only I could write or take photos or understand anything about fashion...
-I re-discovered a thousand words of The Like as rebellious royalty and pirates with bonus Panic! werewolves in my gdocs! Possibly maybe will share at a later date.

I hope your October has started on a positive note, flist ♥
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Is anyone on my f-list watching Rizzoli & Isles? Because I'm here drawing some challenge stuff and getting increasingly annoyed at episode 6. You don't usually hear me criticize much, but really now. I'm 13 minutes in and there are already two things that are making me frown. First, the episode is called "I kissed a girl" presumably because the murdered woman was married to a woman. Secondly, there's a male character who's OMG a nurse, recommends using biodegradable doggie poo bags (the one he's holding is also pink, but I'm not sure if it's his), wants to be a "stay-at-home daddy" and is fairly obviously being played for laughs.

Speaking off I Kissed A Girl, I have a song for you: Ihmisten edessä by Jenni Vartiainen (m4a file. sorry guys, I'll get an mp3 for next time).
I sort of think of it as the opposite of the first song. Yes, both songs are sung by beautiful straight women, both are fairly pop-y and got a lot of radio play, but the thing that makes them different is the way they present a similar subject matter*. Vartiainen and Teemu Brunila (the writer of the song) were even awarded by Seta**("Sexual equality", the main LGBT rights organisation in Finland) for the song, which was described as an "apposite evocation of the courage needed from LGBT people to e.g. publicly hold hands". Google will probably provide you with translated lyrics if you want them.

In other news, Torchwood art on Tuesday!

*I'm using the word "similar" loosely here. Song about kissing a random girl vs. song about a non-normative/lesbian relationship.
**Fun fact: Tarja Halonen, the president of Finland, was the chairwoman '80-'81.
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HI YOU. How's it going?

I just did some googling and found A BUNCH of new photos from the Pride to add to my big fat post of (North) Pride, and I got so giggly and excited I needed to go run a lap through the night dark house. Who cares that it's 4 o'clock and I've got to wake up at 7 to go sit in on an overpriced math course that makes me suspect that I've never set foot in a math class in my life (someone has just planted the memories of sitting in one in my brain, forgetting to include the actual teachings. Yes, that's what must have happened), when I have over 30 pictures from one of the most awesome day of summer and the people who made it so great. (we can play spot-the-tiny-blur-that-might-be-Ace! when I post. I might offer doodles! :D)

Still feeling a bit of the high from an awesome weekend I sorta came out to Summer (otherwise known as Cousin1, one of my favourite people and a friend since birth)! She came over and we talked about shit and I gushed a lot about what an awesome time Pride was and then we got to talking about religion (OH HEY I left the religion! Like officially! Maybe more about that later :D?) and all ridiculous things that parents could react badly to when you bring the person you date home. And then I said "Well I did still bring Z home. But I don't think mom realized" and she went "what" and I said "when we dated". She asked a couple questions like "when were you dating?" "You mean your friend Z, right?" and in the end she seemed to think that it was just something I did, in a "why not" fashion. I didn't clearly identify myself as queer/homo/pansexual, but it's good enough for now. In a way I like her conclusion that it was something I (and people generally) did because "why not".

Also I need to pimp out the BBB art I did for Play The Piano Drunk Like A Percussion Instrument Until The Fingers Begin To Bleed A Bit by takkatakkatakka. You can find all three drawings (Audrey, Ryan, Z&Tennessee) in this here post. I'm super happy with how they turned out. And while you're there go check out the story because it's awesome and has great characterizations. I love all parts with Z and Tennessee most and there's a bit of them with Brendon that I'm especially fond of. Add it to your summer reading lists, bbs!

And to close this off some prettiness in the form of Jónsi!

Now, really, tell me what you've been up to? :)
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Hiya dudes. I've decided to try and change my sleeping pattern and am completely exhausted because of that. My sleeping habits have been a mess for years so I feel like it's about time. So far the only thing I've managed to do is quit napping during the day, and because I can't sleep during the night, I've been a total zombie for three solid weeks now. Fortunately, it's coming to the point where no matter how busy my mind is the body will just shut off. Or at least I hope so. Tonight I hope to get a full 6 hours of sleep.

Because of the lack of any higher brain functioning, I have gotten absolutely nothing done in a while and am feeling terrible about it. I have all these ideas, and I'm excited for starting and working on and finishing stuff, but at the moment I simply have no energy.

BUT THERE IS POSITIVE STUFF TOO. This week the culture center is hosting a Lesbian and Gay movie festival, Vinokino. When I saw the poster I just stared for a while, because these things do not usually come here! It's nothing big, a movie per day (except 2 on Sunday), but I've already been to two and it's been so awesome, today especially. Yesterday I went to see I can't think straight with Z and today I went to see Patrik 1,5 by myself and let me tell you, it was amazing. I sat there in the 50 seat theater surrounded by the most fabulous queers thinking where the hell have you all been hiding!. Alas, I did not find out since I was too shy to go and ask anyone where they'd been all my life ;D
I won't be able to catch the movies on tomorrow or Saturday, but I already have the ticket for Sunday's short movie batch. I'd be interested in seeing Travel Queeries, too, but Sunday is Father's Day and I don't think I can spend the whole day running around town.

Also, I said I was going to take a picture of my hair with the purple mask, and I did! (webcam quality) The colors look all weird and orange-tinted though (my lips are not naturally orange), and the orange has eaten the cool pink-ish shade that I was trying to get evidence of. And then 2 weeks ago I went and got my hair cut short (they buzzed the back so it's like 0.5cm) leaving me only the peach colored bangs and otherwise all white hair.

To finish this post I present to you the random question of the day: are there any generally positive adjectives you don't want people to use when describing you? Or alternatively, is there a word (just one) you wish people would think of when they think of you?
[I'm not even sure what my answer would be for the second one, but for the first one? Definitely the word 'cute'. At least when it seems to be the only word people associate with me. >:/]


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