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Lessons learned today in kickboxing practise (adressed to myself):

1. Remember to eat something after school/before practise. The croissant you ate for lunch is really not enough.
2. You don't have to do everything in the same pace as the people who are in way better shape. Really, when breathing starts feeling like work and you start feeling unsteady on your feet, it's a very good idea to slow the fuck down.

So yeah, after about 40 minutes I just couldn't keep on going, and had to sit against the wall in the middle of practising new kick technique. The trainer came over and told me to go drink some water, and I went to do that and ended up sitting in the locker room floor for a few minutes until he came to check up on me. I did go back after a minute when I was sure I didn't feel like throwing up anymore and got through the last 15 minutes fine.

All in all, I feel pretty foolish.

Tomorrow I have the big religion group project deadline and I'm slightly panic-y. I have so much to do still, and I'm not sure if the handout for the class is ready, because I gave it to another group member to finish and I'm never sure if something gets done if I don't do it myself.

If you suffered through that, I congratulate you. Here, have a video of Bden covering Elvis!

Yeah bb!


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