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Hi f-listers, how are you on this delightfully windy day?

I'm here to pimp out the bandom curtain fic challenge and especially this post here, which is the prompt submission post for the challenge. You still have a few days to leave some awesome domestic prompts, so run, don't walk, to do exactly that! (There's way too many commas in that sentence, aren't there? I always go overboard with them *sigh*.) Sign ups for the challenge are open until Nov. 1st and there's plenty of time to finish the stories and art, which are due December 15th. What do you think, are you going to sign up? I already did!

Speaking of challenges, I also signed up to do art for the poly big bang, and then sadly ended up not claiming anything. The 2 bandom summaries were claimed fast, and I'm a bit uncomfortable with claiming something from a fandom I'm not familiar with. I originally signed up thinking that even if I couldn't get a bandom fic, I could possibly do some Gilmore Girls art since I'm at least familiar with the source material, but in the end there wasn't any GG stories finished. There's still one summary left unclaimed (fandom is Bleach) if you're interested in making art or mixing.

Okay, this is getting long and I shouldn't even be on the internet anymore. How do you guys feel about a rec sharing post on a later date? I have massive amounts of links in my to read folder (391, and in the newer subfolders about 50 + BBBs)*, but I figure a few more won't hurt! At least some of the fic you guys rec will prolly be in that folder, and it'd help me figure out where to start. It'd be linkage all around!
Maybe we could even make this a bigger post and you could bring your wise friends to share their own all-time favorites and fics they think are underrated. Or then not. Share your thoughts! Anyway, I'm thinking around Wednesday or the next weekend would be good :)
(My test week just started on Thursday and will last until next Friday, so mostly I want something to look forward to after the week of studying.)

*[I have to admit that about 10% of the links is not fic, but rather something interesting to check out, and they might not even be bandom related.]


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