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First off, I've had the failiest week and a half and I hope it's finally ended. I've mixed up stuff, made stupid mistakes and generally been confused by existence. It feels like what I imagine having swiss cheese for brains would feel like. Seriously, I've been even clumsier and more absent-minded than normal, like for example last week I almost walked in front of a moving vehicle THREE SEPARATE TIMES and stumbled in stairs once.
Self, go get some sleep. I do not want to get hit by a bus. Especially if it's one of the new, ugly ones.

Yesterday I realised that my two-year bandom anniversary was about three weeks ago! I only began de-lurking a while ago so I don't know if it counts. Still, I can remember stumbling upon some ridiculous Mary Sue fics on FOE and then thankfully finding my way to lj and the better stories. In the two years my focus has shifted from FOB to MCR to Panic(!) to... here, I guess, happily loving even the rarest of rarepairs and all the ladies of bandom!

Pretty, shiny, new The Like! + new girl crush. )

Anyway, today while I was waiting for that style-lightning to strike me, I happened to find cool rubber boots and of course I had to try on the most colourful ones.
See, they're awesome! The store won't let me buy one of each, so I need your help to decide which pair to buy. At the moment I'm in favour of the green one, but on the other hand the zebra one is ridiculous and that is a great quality for a shoe to have. Opinions?
(*I did come across shiny golden platform anklet boots, but they were way too big for me. My life, so hard.)

Gosh, I feel out of breath just having written that. I'm sorry for the tense changes, but it is three AM and I can't quite muster up the level of clarity needed for me to fix them. If you read all that, I applaud you. How are things?


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