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Still not dead! I know you've been worried. Wha-? Oh, you don't remember who I am?

Hi, it's Ace. I haven't checked in here since... the lj redesigns, I guess. I really hope you've been well while I've been failing at being internet social. First year of uni happened and it was a confusing, vodka fueled time (Finnish tea parties, we called them). Here's to hoping the upcoming year will make more sense.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that while I'll be trying to periodically come back and check lj, most of my time is taken up by tumblr. I've finally got a fandom tumblr here if you want check that out (the top post atm is a naked dude but I don't think that'll happen too often). Most posts & fanart center around Supernatural, Teen Wolf and Avengers with a helping of old loves, art tutorials and SJ reblogs. All the earlier fangirling and RL text posts are here where rl friends have found me. I can't promise I'm any less of a socially awkward failboat over on tumblr, but at least there's less disappearing for months happening. 

I've recently started making nice with my tablet so I'll leave you with the two things I've got so far:
I haven't got much practice in this yet. )

Until next time!

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[Whoops, forgot to put behind a cut last time. Apologies if you happened to check your friends list just then]

I promised pictures of the TARDIS dress, and I always keep my promises (eventually)! It has dawned on me that it really isn't the most literal interpretation, so I'm not sure if it qualifies as "a TARDIS dress". Oh well. (There's also a police public call box headband and st. John's ambulance wristband in the works.)
original sketch and final outcome )

[livejournal.com profile] aredblush asked me to show my favourite shoes, and it was easy enough to just photograph my whole collection.
LOTS of shoes \o/ )
15 hours until next exam. I believe I should start reading the material (Ways of Reading by Montgomery et co. & The Study of Languge by George Yule) sometime soon...
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 I don't even watch hockey you guys so I really shouldn't have this huge grin on my face. 6-1!? :D 

Also inexplicable is that I've watched 10 episodes of Supernatural today. Last time was... 4 years ago? I jumped in at S4. Do I need to see S3? Damn you show, I need my free time for other things!
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I haven't had asthma since I was in pre-school, but right now I feel like it would be fitting to find an inhalator somewhere. *wheezes*

The state of my study strategies is pitiful, and I'm an idiot. Sums it up pretty nicely /o\  )
In much more positive news, I have a job for next month! I'll be working in a primary school nearby doing... well, I have no idea what I'll be doing. The only translation I can find for the job title is "school helper" so I guess that is what I will be. :D It'll be GREAT.
Also, my brain keeps throwing ridiculous AUs at me where everyone's a Disney princess or works in a bakery or bikes, and that last one is my favourite because these amazing vintage style images of fandom characters on bicycles just appear in my mind's eye and cycle around to a jaunty tune. I have no explanation. *hands* Possibly I'm going mad.
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 [lj ate my post like 5 seconds after I thought "Hey, I should probably copy that so I don't accidentally delete it.]
I'm taking a tiny break from the last stressful study stuff, so I thought I'd do the trope meme and talk a little about my practically only squick. Only, I stumbled upon it unwillingly again and you're getting a tiny rant instead:

Dear really very good fic writers of the world,

Stop sticking mentions/metaphors/similes of drowning (oneself) in your pwps (or plotty fic for that matter) like it's supposed to be a good thing. There are much better, less overused ways to describe a character feeling overwhelmed. Drowning is not a romantic concept.

No, seriously, three times this week. Stop it right this moment.

a disgruntled, short-of-breath Ace.

I'm not being unreasonable, am I? It is quite jarring to go from "Hey, hot! :D" to "What. D:" and the rest of the fic gets read (if it does) while thinking something like "I have very little trust for you anymore. :|". Torchwood is brainwashing me into dealing with it though, what with the sort of canon instances. (I've started to think of the episode with the squick as reassuring /o?.)


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