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We quickly went over the most likely right answers for the English listening comprehension exam today and oh gosh that was a massive embarrassment.

I lost 15 points out of 90. And not one of them was an honest mistake of "oh, I didn't understand what was being said". I actually quite liked this years texts. They were engaging and even entertaining. But of course I over-thought and complicated 3 of the questions* and failed to fully concentrate long enough to hear the full answer on the other two. And the last one was the most baffling to me, where I had actually written the important minor detail down to my notes the first time I heard it and then forgotten it completely when it was time to answer.

>:( Self, I disapprove of this.

Mostly I keep imagining this:
... )

or going between these two.

*["this sounds like a logical answer no wait logic doesn't come into play in these what's going on with the word order maybe they're trying to trick us AHA I'll go with the complete opposite." OR "he did say it was good on paper even though it didn't provide the challenges this other one did but he was talking about how he felt personally I'll go with this vague other answer that at least isn't just a great big sweeping generalization.]

I'm alive

Sep. 12th, 2010 09:51 pm
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 ...and kicking. 

Though I sort of want to throttle myself for not studying for my matriculation exams. I was going to! And now I find myself honestly confused by the fact that they start tomorrow and the full amount of time I've spent revising anything? Two hours. On last Tuesday.


Also confusing is how uncharacteristically nonchalant I'm feeling about this whole thing. Oh well, oh well.

So, it seems I will continue to be a horrible f-lister of no good for another 2 weeks (containing my 7 exam dates)before I get to make my joyous return with much rambling.


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