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Do you have amazing recipes for sweet stuff that could go into a holiday care package? Because if you do, I'd love to hear about them, especially if you know some without eggs or flour.

I've had a tradition of doing a batch of big homemade & decorated heart-shaped gingerbread cookies for each of my friends instead of drawing cards. This year I'm not confident enough to make the cookie dough by myself, so I'm doing gift bags with assorted sweet stuff to nibble on when taking a break from aunts, uncles, and cousins you're not sure you're actually related to. 

I'm planning on doing cinnamon sugar 'S's, cake pops, twisty candy sticks, hot chocolate on a stick (little bit of a theme forming there), some cookies, something chocolate-y, and toffee if I can finally get it right on the trillionth try. I tried twice on Thursday and the first batch had an overwhelming taste of burnt sugar, while the second one refused to set or even freeze when I dumped it outside in the -20 degree weather. On top of that, the latter was a rather eye-searing shade of yellow, possibly glowed in the dark. Got any good tips for successful toffee-making? Throw them into the comments!

Later on the to-do list: Karelian pies! I made them for the first time last year with a Swiss friend of mine, who wanted to bake something Finnish. The batch of almost 60 was gone in an hour. Recipe and helpful pictures of the baking process to come nearer 24th (which is btw, the day when we celebrate here)

Are you feeling the holiday spirit, flist?
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Hi guys! I've been 18 for four full days now and I feel old. Contributing to my feeling old is the fact that all the muscles in my lower half have been cramped since Monday (first P.E. lesson of the year, Cooper's test) and I've been mostly shuffling slowly from place to place instead of walking. Despite that P.E. lessons have not been horrible so far, which is a positive surprise! The 5km we had to jog on Tuesday didn't help with the cramped muscles, neither did the gymnastics lesson on Wednesday, but it's almost sort of fun. And on Friday's volleyball lesson I only got the ball to the face twice and on both times I was the one throwing it. (You might wonder how one manages to do that, and the only explanation is that it's me. I don't know how I made it through 6 years of cheerleading with just some bruises. Have I told you about that time when I fell from a picket fence? No?) No sprained fingers nor cut eyebrows this time!

My birthday was all nice and cheerful. Not terribly eventful, but that's the way I like it. I had dinner with the family on Monday and they gave me their gift, which was them telling me that there's enough money in my education fund to cover at least two years of me going to uni in Scotland. I can't tell you how happy this makes me, guys! One thing fewer to worry about. Now I just need to work hard enough to get in. My friends greeted me at school Tuesday morning and I got a birthday cupcake and tons of hugs and we made plans to go see Kick-ass sometime next week. I got birthday texts from friends and relatives and a long phone call from C1 who informed me that she was coming to town (which she did, on Thursday, and we spent the whole day watching House episodes. I got to show her the tattoo design she'd asked me to draw for her and she liked it!). Next week we'll have some relatives over for dinner and cake and I'll get to celebrate more. To summarize everything into one word: funtimes!

Also, Nasssty drew me the most amazing birthday card (Princess Z and (Pirate) Captain Tennessee!! *___* Go look, you guys!), which arrived in the mail on Wednesday with the cutest pair of earrings! And, I got an awesome e-card in German from Saba!! <3

Oh and the bff gave me the most awesome shirt that I will have to take and post pictures of later! Remind me of this if I forget, k? Then you can also finally see my new hair and glasses.

Now, onto the best part of this post. I baked chocolate-y goodness also know as Daim cake for myself on Tuesday and took some to school the next day to share with the gang, and the response (four demands to share the recipe and 2 new friends made) confirmed that I needed to share the deliciousness with the world. So, here is the recipe with making-of pictures!


Onto the recipe! )

*And in the middle of writing this post when I went to get tea I managed to drop a full glass bottle of olive oil onto the same kitchen carpet. Mad skills of clumsiness, I've got them. /o\


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