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HI YOU. How's it going?

I just did some googling and found A BUNCH of new photos from the Pride to add to my big fat post of (North) Pride, and I got so giggly and excited I needed to go run a lap through the night dark house. Who cares that it's 4 o'clock and I've got to wake up at 7 to go sit in on an overpriced math course that makes me suspect that I've never set foot in a math class in my life (someone has just planted the memories of sitting in one in my brain, forgetting to include the actual teachings. Yes, that's what must have happened), when I have over 30 pictures from one of the most awesome day of summer and the people who made it so great. (we can play spot-the-tiny-blur-that-might-be-Ace! when I post. I might offer doodles! :D)

Still feeling a bit of the high from an awesome weekend I sorta came out to Summer (otherwise known as Cousin1, one of my favourite people and a friend since birth)! She came over and we talked about shit and I gushed a lot about what an awesome time Pride was and then we got to talking about religion (OH HEY I left the religion! Like officially! Maybe more about that later :D?) and all ridiculous things that parents could react badly to when you bring the person you date home. And then I said "Well I did still bring Z home. But I don't think mom realized" and she went "what" and I said "when we dated". She asked a couple questions like "when were you dating?" "You mean your friend Z, right?" and in the end she seemed to think that it was just something I did, in a "why not" fashion. I didn't clearly identify myself as queer/homo/pansexual, but it's good enough for now. In a way I like her conclusion that it was something I (and people generally) did because "why not".

Also I need to pimp out the BBB art I did for Play The Piano Drunk Like A Percussion Instrument Until The Fingers Begin To Bleed A Bit by takkatakkatakka. You can find all three drawings (Audrey, Ryan, Z&Tennessee) in this here post. I'm super happy with how they turned out. And while you're there go check out the story because it's awesome and has great characterizations. I love all parts with Z and Tennessee most and there's a bit of them with Brendon that I'm especially fond of. Add it to your summer reading lists, bbs!

And to close this off some prettiness in the form of Jónsi!

Now, really, tell me what you've been up to? :)
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[This post can also be viewed on my LJ.]
Whee, it's finally posting time!

I was lucky to get to do art for Angelic intervention (life is never that easy), a kradambigbang story written by the awesome estel_willow. She was a wonder to work with, patiently answering all my questions about the mythology in the story, which by the way you should go read right now. I especially loved her Allison!

So, here are my very first 3 pieces featuring Adam and Kris, Cassidy and Allison. Hope you like them!

3 pieces under the cut! )
Now that you've seen the art go and read the story here!

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Hello guys, sorry for disappearing off the internet. I was super busy for pretty much all of last month with tons of exams and actual socializing (yes, I'm not kidding). Somehow I also managed to cram all of the Doctor Who episodes from Rose to The End of Time into that month. Time well spent, I'd say. I have so much to say, but to spare you from an incoherent chatter I'll just sum it up to BLAH BLAH BLAH and expand on that later with pictures and doodled graphs and everything.

[ETA because I forgot at first] Did you see the awesome glitteratti sunglasses I got from Nasssty? My rl sunglasses may be broken, but on the internet I'm covered. Thanks so much, bb! :)

It's summer! The weather hasn't gotten the memo yet, but I have my fingers crossed for being able to wear my dresses without tights next week. Still, even though it's holiday time and the sun will be shining, it doesn't mean I'll have two months to sit around trying to get a tan. Nope. I have my four compulsory matriculation exams coming up this fall and I will have to study during these next three months like it's my sole purpose in life. On top of that I signed up for kradambigbang, bandgirlsbang, tw_bigbang and hc_bingo, promised to spend time in Stockholm helping my mother and brother get settled in for their two-year stay and planned to get my driver's license before August. I'll be the busiest bee!

Anyways, here's my bingo card for hc_bingo.
Telepathy, love potions AND zombie apocalypse! \o/ )
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Hey Nasssty, it's not quite the 28th anymore, but I hope you had the AWESOMEST birthday, ate plenty of ice cream and got the coolest gifts! You're the bestest of all, bro! ♥

I painted you a picture, too.

One glam!Brendon under here )

Sorry for the spam f-list, I should be done for now! :D?
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I'm trying not to spam you too badly, flist, but I just keep wanting to post about the smallest things. I just got all my presents and even though there weren't nearly as many or as big as on the previous years they were great presents and I'm very happy. So dear flist I've seen this thing around and in the spirit of giving I'd like to share my holiday cheer:

Hang your holiday stocking below by leaving a request for something: your favourite pairing, your favourite person, your favourite group, your favourite tour, etc. I'll fill them up with something that I hope will match your request. It might be a fic rec, a photo, a song, a link to a youtube clip...anything. You can also fill other people's stockings if you see something that strikes the right chord.

I hope you are all having wonderful holidays, a fantastic week, an enjoyable December, beautiful winter and just generally a great time. <3
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Here's a piece I drew for the curtain fic challenge for the prompt #79 - Greta/Vicky-T: Laundry day.
It's rated G, and done in photoshop (my first completely digital piece!). Also, as a side note, I have no explanation for the cat poster on their wall.
Clickity click! )
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The exclusive art I did for multi-fandom Advent calendar (=mfac over at lj) has been posted over here!

Birthday doodle for [personal profile] milenaa! Quick and silly, just like most of what I do:
Read more... )

Plus, an additional one that the bff told me was slightly creepy. Um, oops?
(I have to get rid of this habit of drawing thumbnail size pictures!)

Oh and also, rounding up the two art-meme pieces from January that I'm fairly proud of!

[profile] spork_aiMikey Way riding a unicorn )
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Never before have I wished I could write as much as I do right now. I saw this bandom_hc entry(a gorgeous piece of art, warnings:eating disorder) and now I have a story in my head. A story about best friends and eating disorder and angst and worry and love. But I can't find the words. Fail self >:/ (I even tried. I sat here staring at an empty googledoc for an hour before giving up.) UGH. What do you do when you have to get some words out?

Hello loves. This has been a weird week and the next one seems to continue the same. Not bad weird, but the kind that leaves me a little confused and taking naps in the one spot of sunlight in our living room.
I dyed my hair. I tried to make it white blond and got a nice light pink-ish orange color with blond roots. I'm surprisingly happy with this accidental result, and might even take a ridiculous picture for you with my pretty purple mask!

The rec post? Is quickly becoming a thing of epic proportions. I'm gonna limit it to 30 and try to include some fics that not everyone has already read. And maybe even limit the genderswap fics to 10 or so. What can I say, it's probably my favorite genre.

Okay, I'm off to bed. Chem in the morning with the good teacher, I'll even try and get some of the homework done.
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Hi f-listers, how are you on this delightfully windy day?

I'm here to pimp out the bandom curtain fic challenge and especially this post here, which is the prompt submission post for the challenge. You still have a few days to leave some awesome domestic prompts, so run, don't walk, to do exactly that! (There's way too many commas in that sentence, aren't there? I always go overboard with them *sigh*.) Sign ups for the challenge are open until Nov. 1st and there's plenty of time to finish the stories and art, which are due December 15th. What do you think, are you going to sign up? I already did!

Speaking of challenges, I also signed up to do art for the poly big bang, and then sadly ended up not claiming anything. The 2 bandom summaries were claimed fast, and I'm a bit uncomfortable with claiming something from a fandom I'm not familiar with. I originally signed up thinking that even if I couldn't get a bandom fic, I could possibly do some Gilmore Girls art since I'm at least familiar with the source material, but in the end there wasn't any GG stories finished. There's still one summary left unclaimed (fandom is Bleach) if you're interested in making art or mixing.

Okay, this is getting long and I shouldn't even be on the internet anymore. How do you guys feel about a rec sharing post on a later date? I have massive amounts of links in my to read folder (391, and in the newer subfolders about 50 + BBBs)*, but I figure a few more won't hurt! At least some of the fic you guys rec will prolly be in that folder, and it'd help me figure out where to start. It'd be linkage all around!
Maybe we could even make this a bigger post and you could bring your wise friends to share their own all-time favorites and fics they think are underrated. Or then not. Share your thoughts! Anyway, I'm thinking around Wednesday or the next weekend would be good :)
(My test week just started on Thursday and will last until next Friday, so mostly I want something to look forward to after the week of studying.)

*[I have to admit that about 10% of the links is not fic, but rather something interesting to check out, and they might not even be bandom related.]


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