May. 24th, 2011

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My graduation dress bests everyone else's ever. I want to giggle madly everytime I see it. It's a TARDIS dress! My mummi, who made it, said that while she has sowed for 50 years she'd never before done something like this "spaceship dress" of mine :D

I both love and despise traveling. I like sitting in a car, bus or train just zoning out for hours. But I always get a little lost with the practicalities, like getting to places and knowing what to do when I'm there. Today I sat in a train for +5 hours and now I'm somewhere sitting on a bed, waiting for the loud group of guys to come to the conclusion that 4 unanswered sets of knocks mean this is not the room they're looking for (and really, how they expect the outcome of knocking to change, I haven't got a clue).

There's a beetle on the floor, writing this on my cell phone is painstakingly slow, and I have some 100pages about audience vs. public and the philosophy of sight to read. How's life, dears?

P.S. I haven't gotten around to taking pics for that photo meme yet, so if you want to, you can drop a comment on my last entry and make me lift the veil of mystery for a peek at my life. C'mon*, amuse me :)

*kids at work mock me mercilessly about my habit of repeating this when I order them about. "C'mon, less talk more origami!""Catch it! Race him! Run, run, C'MON!" "Walk it off, c'mon! NO BITING THE OPPONENT." ok, the last one didn't actually happen *g*


wethepainted: The 9th doctor smiling in front of the lit London Eye at night (Default)

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