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Here is a short and grammatically atrocious summary of the past two months: I am alive and in Scotland! It's pretty cool here. I joined Ab Fab (Uni of Aberdeen lgbt society) and got an awesome member card for my troubles. I have drank all the vodka. My flatmates are great, IR is interesting, history is decidedly not my subject, Spanish is awesome, French less so, and essays are a form of torture. Proper writing structure? Never heard of it.

Have you guys got any tips for getting writing done? Particularly for essays, but I'll take anything at this point. Right now I'm left with 2000 words to write about how different political ideologies affected the way that European women were able to participate in their country's war effort in WWII and the deadline passed on Thursday. D:

Anyway, the main point of this post is holiday cards! For once I have decided to buy them instead of trying to make them so there's a possibility I might get them sent this year! :D (though who knows, I just got a new set of watercolour brushes to break in so art might be forthcoming) So put your current address here if I don't have it already and I'll add you to the list :)

P.S. for proof of life in times of no lj activity, have my tumblr. I'm making another one to be properly fannish with, but atm I only have that one (and this one where I attempt to manage a tumblr together with the bff). 

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Wow. I just got seriously yelled at by the mother of one my little brother's friends. And that's fine, I can understand a worried mother who can't reach her son needing to let out some steam, but I am the ONLY ONE, who gets to yell at my little brother. I am an adult and can take the responsibility of not realizing the different curfews my brother's friend may have (though despite the fact that I calmly apologized for not making sure her kid had his cell fully charged, I don't actually concider that my responsibility), but she does not get to yell at a kid who is apologizing already despite none of this actually being his fault. >:( 

Why yes I am highly protective of what's mine.

In other news, it's starting to sink in that I'm going to study the two things I never thought I would: history and politics. And some languages but I still haven't figured out whether to continue French with Spanish or German or just take the latter two. Decisions, decisions.

I've started thinking about packing too, and let me tell you, it's impossible to make 50kg of clothes magically become the allotted 20kg. Oh btw that 50kg doesn't include shoes or coats and there should still be room in that 20kg for my essential electronics . Any miracle packing tips? Because I will gladly take them.

Is anyone watching Suits? I'm sort of incredibly charmed by this show. Donna is most awesome.

I need a rule: No random RL posts for me unless I take the time to do them as stickfigure drawings.


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