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I'm getting long-winded in my old age. (women's rights, first day & costume party at work!) )

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, there will be fannish stuff again, because I have time to do it ([livejournal.com profile] aredblush you'll get your Sherlocks soon)!
To celebrate and stop me from babbling on:

"Ask me to take pictures of any aspect of my life that you're interested in/curious about -- it can be anything from my favorite shirt to my books or my home. Leave your request as a comment to this entry, I'll snap the pictures and post them in a post. That way, you get to know a little bit about my life." 
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I haven't had asthma since I was in pre-school, but right now I feel like it would be fitting to find an inhalator somewhere. *wheezes*

The state of my study strategies is pitiful, and I'm an idiot. Sums it up pretty nicely /o\  )
In much more positive news, I have a job for next month! I'll be working in a primary school nearby doing... well, I have no idea what I'll be doing. The only translation I can find for the job title is "school helper" so I guess that is what I will be. :D It'll be GREAT.
Also, my brain keeps throwing ridiculous AUs at me where everyone's a Disney princess or works in a bakery or bikes, and that last one is my favourite because these amazing vintage style images of fandom characters on bicycles just appear in my mind's eye and cycle around to a jaunty tune. I have no explanation. *hands* Possibly I'm going mad.
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Note to self: when most of your future possibilities depend on an exam, try to start studying for it before the day before. Especially if the morning before you get hooked by a +200 000 word epic that you just can't stop reading. Just a thought.

ANYWAY, that's not the point, the point is that I wanted to point out I have a [livejournal.com profile] help_japan art offer thread here. Offering one hand-drawn piece, much like last year. I'm cheap! and familiar with a bunch of stuff I didn't think to mention in the fandom list! And if my particular sketchy thing isn't to your tastes, there are heaps of other terrifyingly talented people offering stuff.

Also considering whether I have the time to offer to fill a sketchbook with all the uni exams coming up.( A sensible person would only study for medschool, I'm probably doing three more on top of that.) Would take me absolutely ages, but... Yeah, maybe. Will inform if I do. :)
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(Darn my superpower also includes making text disappear! In other words, lj ate my post and the following is what I remember of it.)

I have at last discovered my supervillain power! Shake in your boots, flist and hide your computers! For I have, in the past 48 hours, managed to channel my extreme exam anxiety into something that short circuits computer screens. Two completely unconnected computers suffered the exact same problem in my hands just hours after stress peaks. FASCINATING (except for the fact that my laptop is now dead). My costume will be fabulous yet sneaky, my platform boots fierce. I shall wear a cape and my shout of "Error!" will bring terror into the harddrives of every computer.
Did I ever mention that for the longest time I've wanted a black and white cat called Error?
Also, there's a boy. (I swear I don't name my crushes after characters in my fandoms, just "He has Sherlock hair" was honestly my first thought when I saw him. (And Z came before I had ever heard of The Like)(There was a Jack too, but the name was hers long before)). Anyway this boy I'd only stuttered a couple of words at, and mostly tried to ignore, asked me for my number so we could meet up and have coffee sometime. That's not a date, right? Not even if Eli says it totally is, right? IDK, IDEK.
So yeah, that's me still baffled by cute people. This post is brought to you by my being stupid and feeling a little helpless. If you see me online before the 31st, you can congratulate me on failing high school (:D fine, so this one is a tiny exaggeration, even if right now it is a possibility unless I get my shit together). Until a cheerier next time, darlings.

[ETA: I hope everyone has heard from friends and family in the areas affected by the earthquake. Be safe, flist]
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One of my uni choices (the one that hadn't acknowledged my existence in any way) just sent me a conditional offer :DDDDDDDD: (EXCITEMENTOHNOESGLEEDOOM)*

I keep wanting to apologize for the lack of fannish activity in this journal, but until the exams are over the situation is unlikely to improve. I am however glad to inform you that I'm discovering new things in my journey to multifannishness:
- Today was definitely my first time bookmarking a fic with "Note to self: Great fic, nicely written kink, never read it again if you value your sanity."
- Occasionally when characterizations are off in Torchwood fic, find-and-replacing "Jack and Ianto" with "Spencer and Brendon" produces passable Panic! fights aliens AUs.
- Podfic is the best. thing. ever. It neatly combines my two favorite things to fawn over: fic and people's voices/accents. \o/ Anything read by FayJay is a safe bet. If I didn't find it impossible to pronounce simple words (aunt, sure, naturally...) and have a voice of a twelve-year-old, I would give it a try. I still might actually if I found something short and sweet without the aforementioned words. Help :D?

Also, [livejournal.com profile] aredblush will never tell me doodling something is a bad idea (I asked), so I need the rest of you to give your honest opinion. Torchwood/Doctor Who bakery!AU:
a)ridiculous idea
b)a very ridiculous idea
d)no seriously, what?

*I know I'm not getting into the uni, because while I'm a cocky bastard in the best of ways I'm not delusional. But this means that I have a possibility to get somewhere next year if I decide to ditch Finland. SO YEAH. THAT'S MY LIFE. HOW'S YOURS, FLIST?
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 I FINISHED MY PERSONAL STATEMENT. It is a very intricately weaved web of words to fool smart people into believing I am like them and also the next great multilingual hospital pharmacist!* HURRAH, DARLINGS!


*True story.
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 Hi Hi Hi. First off, I got some post during the holidays! Thanks [livejournal.com profile] saba1789 for the lovely card ♥ & [livejournal.com profile] aredblush for the package (the card was awesome (my little brother was very impressed when I showed him) & the snowman got the best place in the tree :D)

Then, fair warning, I'm going to rant about applying to UK universities now. In audio form! (wouldn't upload. You'll get another chance to laugh at my English eventually ;)) Most of this is not very coherent, more like my anxious stressing out in list form. So run to the hills and don't look back!

Wherein I complain. A LOT. )

"LOL you're way late with this uni stuff" is always an appropriate answer. :D

P.S. This personal statement business, what's up with that? I'm Finnish, it's unnatural for me to think very highly of myself. Just thinking about actually praising myself makes me dizzy.
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(I'm half-asleep and the language center of my brain is fried. That's all the disclaimer you're going to get for the following text.)

I live in a place where the general attitude seems to be "we don't care what you are, just don't flaunt it", where the president used to be the chairwoman for the central LGBT organization, where the official language only has one singular third-person pronoun, and where the bishop of the capital and those of a couple other bigger cities (as well as the archbishop of Finland) are openly in favor of blessing same-sex unions. 

At the same time though, I live in a place where the bigger Pride march was attacked with teargas while the smaller one received a bomb threat, where some of my best friends won't be able to get married, and where a priest who quite loudly believes that "homosexuality is a sickness caused by sins" got to be in charge of my confirmation camp.

It makes me sad that in spite of the second paragraph, I have it so much better than a lot of people. Love is a human right, not a right for just the majority.

So for those who haven't noticed it yet, I'm Ace, I'm queer and of currently unspecified gender, and I'm damn well going to "flaunt it" if I want to.

And to make this post not just a rant:
-First snow. What.
-I'm currently studying Finnish, Swedish, English, French, Latin and Russian (love them all, especially the last two newest additions).
-still have no idea what I want to study. Fashion Communication sounds pretty interesting. Now if only I could write or take photos or understand anything about fashion...
-I re-discovered a thousand words of The Like as rebellious royalty and pirates with bonus Panic! werewolves in my gdocs! Possibly maybe will share at a later date.

I hope your October has started on a positive note, flist ♥
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We quickly went over the most likely right answers for the English listening comprehension exam today and oh gosh that was a massive embarrassment.

I lost 15 points out of 90. And not one of them was an honest mistake of "oh, I didn't understand what was being said". I actually quite liked this years texts. They were engaging and even entertaining. But of course I over-thought and complicated 3 of the questions* and failed to fully concentrate long enough to hear the full answer on the other two. And the last one was the most baffling to me, where I had actually written the important minor detail down to my notes the first time I heard it and then forgotten it completely when it was time to answer.

>:( Self, I disapprove of this.

Mostly I keep imagining this:
... )

or going between these two.

*["this sounds like a logical answer no wait logic doesn't come into play in these what's going on with the word order maybe they're trying to trick us AHA I'll go with the complete opposite." OR "he did say it was good on paper even though it didn't provide the challenges this other one did but he was talking about how he felt personally I'll go with this vague other answer that at least isn't just a great big sweeping generalization.]
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I really really love Gerard's blogs, like this one.
The thought of Gerard, Ray and Patrick getting together to have massive battles between their armies is very entertaining :D

sorry for the short entry. I'm trying to get a bunch of school stuff done for tomorrow.

ETA: I just realised I have eaten only mini mozzarella pizzas for the past 3 days and tomorrow my lunch will be something like this:
drawing under this cut )

Healthy diet fail /o\

ETA2: The Cab babies! I am very amused by this whole set of twitters from alex: first this, no big deal, hanging out with labelmates, everything is special, but then this... :DDD 
Later he did clarify that he was alone in his nakedness while the others were eating cookies, which, you know, still funny!
(sorry for how little sense this makes. I am high on tiredness)


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