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I gave nasssty_slyth an ingredient in that cooking meme and that ingredient was olives!
I'm just going to copy the recipe here.

Spaghetti alla Puttanesca
doses for 4 people:

* 400 g. spaghetti
* 250 g. tomatoes (the best ones are the San Marzano kind: they're oblung in shape and are the best kind to use for making sauce)
* 150 g. pitted black olives
* 2 garlic cloves
* 1 spray of parsley
* 1 sp capers
* 5 salted anchovies
* extra-virgin olive oil and salt

Clean and mince the garlic and dice the anchovies. Parboil the tomatoes, take out the seeds and dice the tomatoes. Wash the parsley and mince it.

Fry lightly the garlic and the anchovies in a pan. When the garlic turns golden, add the olives, the capers and the tomatoes.
Let it simmer for some minutes.

Cook the spaghetti and strain them when they are just slightly firm.

Add the sauce and sprinkle the parsley over the dish.

I decided to try the recipe right away and cook for me and my mom. I had all the ingredients (I used normal tomatoes) for it so I didn't even have to run to the store.

This was really easy and quick! I had never parboiled tomatoes before and was surprised by how easy it was. 
I ended up having to add more tomatoes after mixing everything together for the sauce, because I overestimated the weight of the tomatoes, and I also managed to make a mess while taking the seeds out, but otherwise everything went great.

Mom and I both really liked this and ended up writing the recipe in our recipe book (There's a few great recipes there that I have to post sometime). 
When cooking this for my whole family (which includes a younger brother with occasionally picky taste) I would probably use a little less olives and capers, and a little more tomatoes.
Overall this was a great success and I am definitely going to cook this again!

(I am so full. I'm just going to be over here curled in the sunny spot taking a nap. Okay? Okay.)

After my nap I have to figure out how to sync my lj and dreamwidth. Any advice?

ETA: Dear lj why won't you let me put the recipe under a cut tag? : /


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