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Still not dead! I know you've been worried. Wha-? Oh, you don't remember who I am?

Hi, it's Ace. I haven't checked in here since... the lj redesigns, I guess. I really hope you've been well while I've been failing at being internet social. First year of uni happened and it was a confusing, vodka fueled time (Finnish tea parties, we called them). Here's to hoping the upcoming year will make more sense.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that while I'll be trying to periodically come back and check lj, most of my time is taken up by tumblr. I've finally got a fandom tumblr here if you want check that out (the top post atm is a naked dude but I don't think that'll happen too often). Most posts & fanart center around Supernatural, Teen Wolf and Avengers with a helping of old loves, art tutorials and SJ reblogs. All the earlier fangirling and RL text posts are here where rl friends have found me. I can't promise I'm any less of a socially awkward failboat over on tumblr, but at least there's less disappearing for months happening. 

I've recently started making nice with my tablet so I'll leave you with the two things I've got so far:
I haven't got much practice in this yet. )

Until next time!

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Here is a short and grammatically atrocious summary of the past two months: I am alive and in Scotland! It's pretty cool here. I joined Ab Fab (Uni of Aberdeen lgbt society) and got an awesome member card for my troubles. I have drank all the vodka. My flatmates are great, IR is interesting, history is decidedly not my subject, Spanish is awesome, French less so, and essays are a form of torture. Proper writing structure? Never heard of it.

Have you guys got any tips for getting writing done? Particularly for essays, but I'll take anything at this point. Right now I'm left with 2000 words to write about how different political ideologies affected the way that European women were able to participate in their country's war effort in WWII and the deadline passed on Thursday. D:

Anyway, the main point of this post is holiday cards! For once I have decided to buy them instead of trying to make them so there's a possibility I might get them sent this year! :D (though who knows, I just got a new set of watercolour brushes to break in so art might be forthcoming) So put your current address here if I don't have it already and I'll add you to the list :)

P.S. for proof of life in times of no lj activity, have my tumblr. I'm making another one to be properly fannish with, but atm I only have that one (and this one where I attempt to manage a tumblr together with the bff). 

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Wow. I just got seriously yelled at by the mother of one my little brother's friends. And that's fine, I can understand a worried mother who can't reach her son needing to let out some steam, but I am the ONLY ONE, who gets to yell at my little brother. I am an adult and can take the responsibility of not realizing the different curfews my brother's friend may have (though despite the fact that I calmly apologized for not making sure her kid had his cell fully charged, I don't actually concider that my responsibility), but she does not get to yell at a kid who is apologizing already despite none of this actually being his fault. >:( 

Why yes I am highly protective of what's mine.

In other news, it's starting to sink in that I'm going to study the two things I never thought I would: history and politics. And some languages but I still haven't figured out whether to continue French with Spanish or German or just take the latter two. Decisions, decisions.

I've started thinking about packing too, and let me tell you, it's impossible to make 50kg of clothes magically become the allotted 20kg. Oh btw that 50kg doesn't include shoes or coats and there should still be room in that 20kg for my essential electronics . Any miracle packing tips? Because I will gladly take them.

Is anyone watching Suits? I'm sort of incredibly charmed by this show. Donna is most awesome.

I need a rule: No random RL posts for me unless I take the time to do them as stickfigure drawings.
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free glitter - http://www.sparklee.com

My moves were complimented when we went to celebrate tonight, and a boy (a very very cute one with glasses and reassuring things to say about future studies) told a friend I had a nice smile. Weird. Also weird was how he was still fresh as a daisy when I eventually hugged him goodbye, while I was a floppy-haired, flushed thing. Now, I need a glass of water and sleep. Details and hopefully some doodles tomorrow ♥ 
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[Whoops, forgot to put behind a cut last time. Apologies if you happened to check your friends list just then]

I promised pictures of the TARDIS dress, and I always keep my promises (eventually)! It has dawned on me that it really isn't the most literal interpretation, so I'm not sure if it qualifies as "a TARDIS dress". Oh well. (There's also a police public call box headband and st. John's ambulance wristband in the works.)
original sketch and final outcome )

[livejournal.com profile] aredblush asked me to show my favourite shoes, and it was easy enough to just photograph my whole collection.
LOTS of shoes \o/ )
15 hours until next exam. I believe I should start reading the material (Ways of Reading by Montgomery et co. & The Study of Languge by George Yule) sometime soon...
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My graduation dress bests everyone else's ever. I want to giggle madly everytime I see it. It's a TARDIS dress! My mummi, who made it, said that while she has sowed for 50 years she'd never before done something like this "spaceship dress" of mine :D

I both love and despise traveling. I like sitting in a car, bus or train just zoning out for hours. But I always get a little lost with the practicalities, like getting to places and knowing what to do when I'm there. Today I sat in a train for +5 hours and now I'm somewhere sitting on a bed, waiting for the loud group of guys to come to the conclusion that 4 unanswered sets of knocks mean this is not the room they're looking for (and really, how they expect the outcome of knocking to change, I haven't got a clue).

There's a beetle on the floor, writing this on my cell phone is painstakingly slow, and I have some 100pages about audience vs. public and the philosophy of sight to read. How's life, dears?

P.S. I haven't gotten around to taking pics for that photo meme yet, so if you want to, you can drop a comment on my last entry and make me lift the veil of mystery for a peek at my life. C'mon*, amuse me :)

*kids at work mock me mercilessly about my habit of repeating this when I order them about. "C'mon, less talk more origami!""Catch it! Race him! Run, run, C'MON!" "Walk it off, c'mon! NO BITING THE OPPONENT." ok, the last one didn't actually happen *g*
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 I don't even watch hockey you guys so I really shouldn't have this huge grin on my face. 6-1!? :D 

Also inexplicable is that I've watched 10 episodes of Supernatural today. Last time was... 4 years ago? I jumped in at S4. Do I need to see S3? Damn you show, I need my free time for other things!
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I'm getting long-winded in my old age. (women's rights, first day & costume party at work!) )

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, there will be fannish stuff again, because I have time to do it ([livejournal.com profile] aredblush you'll get your Sherlocks soon)!
To celebrate and stop me from babbling on:

"Ask me to take pictures of any aspect of my life that you're interested in/curious about -- it can be anything from my favorite shirt to my books or my home. Leave your request as a comment to this entry, I'll snap the pictures and post them in a post. That way, you get to know a little bit about my life." 
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I haven't had asthma since I was in pre-school, but right now I feel like it would be fitting to find an inhalator somewhere. *wheezes*

The state of my study strategies is pitiful, and I'm an idiot. Sums it up pretty nicely /o\  )
In much more positive news, I have a job for next month! I'll be working in a primary school nearby doing... well, I have no idea what I'll be doing. The only translation I can find for the job title is "school helper" so I guess that is what I will be. :D It'll be GREAT.
Also, my brain keeps throwing ridiculous AUs at me where everyone's a Disney princess or works in a bakery or bikes, and that last one is my favourite because these amazing vintage style images of fandom characters on bicycles just appear in my mind's eye and cycle around to a jaunty tune. I have no explanation. *hands* Possibly I'm going mad.
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 [lj ate my post like 5 seconds after I thought "Hey, I should probably copy that so I don't accidentally delete it.]
I'm taking a tiny break from the last stressful study stuff, so I thought I'd do the trope meme and talk a little about my practically only squick. Only, I stumbled upon it unwillingly again and you're getting a tiny rant instead:

Dear really very good fic writers of the world,

Stop sticking mentions/metaphors/similes of drowning (oneself) in your pwps (or plotty fic for that matter) like it's supposed to be a good thing. There are much better, less overused ways to describe a character feeling overwhelmed. Drowning is not a romantic concept.

No, seriously, three times this week. Stop it right this moment.

a disgruntled, short-of-breath Ace.

I'm not being unreasonable, am I? It is quite jarring to go from "Hey, hot! :D" to "What. D:" and the rest of the fic gets read (if it does) while thinking something like "I have very little trust for you anymore. :|". Torchwood is brainwashing me into dealing with it though, what with the sort of canon instances. (I've started to think of the episode with the squick as reassuring /o?.)
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Note to self: when most of your future possibilities depend on an exam, try to start studying for it before the day before. Especially if the morning before you get hooked by a +200 000 word epic that you just can't stop reading. Just a thought.

ANYWAY, that's not the point, the point is that I wanted to point out I have a [livejournal.com profile] help_japan art offer thread here. Offering one hand-drawn piece, much like last year. I'm cheap! and familiar with a bunch of stuff I didn't think to mention in the fandom list! And if my particular sketchy thing isn't to your tastes, there are heaps of other terrifyingly talented people offering stuff.

Also considering whether I have the time to offer to fill a sketchbook with all the uni exams coming up.( A sensible person would only study for medschool, I'm probably doing three more on top of that.) Would take me absolutely ages, but... Yeah, maybe. Will inform if I do. :)
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(Darn my superpower also includes making text disappear! In other words, lj ate my post and the following is what I remember of it.)

I have at last discovered my supervillain power! Shake in your boots, flist and hide your computers! For I have, in the past 48 hours, managed to channel my extreme exam anxiety into something that short circuits computer screens. Two completely unconnected computers suffered the exact same problem in my hands just hours after stress peaks. FASCINATING (except for the fact that my laptop is now dead). My costume will be fabulous yet sneaky, my platform boots fierce. I shall wear a cape and my shout of "Error!" will bring terror into the harddrives of every computer.
Did I ever mention that for the longest time I've wanted a black and white cat called Error?
Also, there's a boy. (I swear I don't name my crushes after characters in my fandoms, just "He has Sherlock hair" was honestly my first thought when I saw him. (And Z came before I had ever heard of The Like)(There was a Jack too, but the name was hers long before)). Anyway this boy I'd only stuttered a couple of words at, and mostly tried to ignore, asked me for my number so we could meet up and have coffee sometime. That's not a date, right? Not even if Eli says it totally is, right? IDK, IDEK.
So yeah, that's me still baffled by cute people. This post is brought to you by my being stupid and feeling a little helpless. If you see me online before the 31st, you can congratulate me on failing high school (:D fine, so this one is a tiny exaggeration, even if right now it is a possibility unless I get my shit together). Until a cheerier next time, darlings.

[ETA: I hope everyone has heard from friends and family in the areas affected by the earthquake. Be safe, flist]
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One of my uni choices (the one that hadn't acknowledged my existence in any way) just sent me a conditional offer :DDDDDDDD: (EXCITEMENTOHNOESGLEEDOOM)*

I keep wanting to apologize for the lack of fannish activity in this journal, but until the exams are over the situation is unlikely to improve. I am however glad to inform you that I'm discovering new things in my journey to multifannishness:
- Today was definitely my first time bookmarking a fic with "Note to self: Great fic, nicely written kink, never read it again if you value your sanity."
- Occasionally when characterizations are off in Torchwood fic, find-and-replacing "Jack and Ianto" with "Spencer and Brendon" produces passable Panic! fights aliens AUs.
- Podfic is the best. thing. ever. It neatly combines my two favorite things to fawn over: fic and people's voices/accents. \o/ Anything read by FayJay is a safe bet. If I didn't find it impossible to pronounce simple words (aunt, sure, naturally...) and have a voice of a twelve-year-old, I would give it a try. I still might actually if I found something short and sweet without the aforementioned words. Help :D?

Also, [livejournal.com profile] aredblush will never tell me doodling something is a bad idea (I asked), so I need the rest of you to give your honest opinion. Torchwood/Doctor Who bakery!AU:
a)ridiculous idea
b)a very ridiculous idea
d)no seriously, what?

*I know I'm not getting into the uni, because while I'm a cocky bastard in the best of ways I'm not delusional. But this means that I have a possibility to get somewhere next year if I decide to ditch Finland. SO YEAH. THAT'S MY LIFE. HOW'S YOURS, FLIST?
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That title there is Finnish for "from its unsystematic nature?" All one word with a prefix and at least four suffixes! I get gleeful when I realize my language allows me to form words like that and to say things like  "Istahtaisinkohan?" which means "I wonder if I should sit down for a while?". One word for something that would take ten to say in English. That's your Finnish lesson of the day, kids.

And to thank you for sticking around through times of no art whatsoever, a doodle drawn after I saw the first ep of Sherlock.
Sherlock would seriously disapprove of this sweetness )

P.S. I am hooked and confused by Lost Girl.
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 I FINISHED MY PERSONAL STATEMENT. It is a very intricately weaved web of words to fool smart people into believing I am like them and also the next great multilingual hospital pharmacist!* HURRAH, DARLINGS!


*True story.
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 Hi Hi Hi. First off, I got some post during the holidays! Thanks [livejournal.com profile] saba1789 for the lovely card ♥ & [livejournal.com profile] aredblush for the package (the card was awesome (my little brother was very impressed when I showed him) & the snowman got the best place in the tree :D)

Then, fair warning, I'm going to rant about applying to UK universities now. In audio form! (wouldn't upload. You'll get another chance to laugh at my English eventually ;)) Most of this is not very coherent, more like my anxious stressing out in list form. So run to the hills and don't look back!

Wherein I complain. A LOT. )

"LOL you're way late with this uni stuff" is always an appropriate answer. :D

P.S. This personal statement business, what's up with that? I'm Finnish, it's unnatural for me to think very highly of myself. Just thinking about actually praising myself makes me dizzy.
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Do you have amazing recipes for sweet stuff that could go into a holiday care package? Because if you do, I'd love to hear about them, especially if you know some without eggs or flour.

I've had a tradition of doing a batch of big homemade & decorated heart-shaped gingerbread cookies for each of my friends instead of drawing cards. This year I'm not confident enough to make the cookie dough by myself, so I'm doing gift bags with assorted sweet stuff to nibble on when taking a break from aunts, uncles, and cousins you're not sure you're actually related to. 

I'm planning on doing cinnamon sugar 'S's, cake pops, twisty candy sticks, hot chocolate on a stick (little bit of a theme forming there), some cookies, something chocolate-y, and toffee if I can finally get it right on the trillionth try. I tried twice on Thursday and the first batch had an overwhelming taste of burnt sugar, while the second one refused to set or even freeze when I dumped it outside in the -20 degree weather. On top of that, the latter was a rather eye-searing shade of yellow, possibly glowed in the dark. Got any good tips for successful toffee-making? Throw them into the comments!

Later on the to-do list: Karelian pies! I made them for the first time last year with a Swiss friend of mine, who wanted to bake something Finnish. The batch of almost 60 was gone in an hour. Recipe and helpful pictures of the baking process to come nearer 24th (which is btw, the day when we celebrate here)

Are you feeling the holiday spirit, flist?
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(I'm half-asleep and the language center of my brain is fried. That's all the disclaimer you're going to get for the following text.)

I live in a place where the general attitude seems to be "we don't care what you are, just don't flaunt it", where the president used to be the chairwoman for the central LGBT organization, where the official language only has one singular third-person pronoun, and where the bishop of the capital and those of a couple other bigger cities (as well as the archbishop of Finland) are openly in favor of blessing same-sex unions. 

At the same time though, I live in a place where the bigger Pride march was attacked with teargas while the smaller one received a bomb threat, where some of my best friends won't be able to get married, and where a priest who quite loudly believes that "homosexuality is a sickness caused by sins" got to be in charge of my confirmation camp.

It makes me sad that in spite of the second paragraph, I have it so much better than a lot of people. Love is a human right, not a right for just the majority.

So for those who haven't noticed it yet, I'm Ace, I'm queer and of currently unspecified gender, and I'm damn well going to "flaunt it" if I want to.

And to make this post not just a rant:
-First snow. What.
-I'm currently studying Finnish, Swedish, English, French, Latin and Russian (love them all, especially the last two newest additions).
-still have no idea what I want to study. Fashion Communication sounds pretty interesting. Now if only I could write or take photos or understand anything about fashion...
-I re-discovered a thousand words of The Like as rebellious royalty and pirates with bonus Panic! werewolves in my gdocs! Possibly maybe will share at a later date.

I hope your October has started on a positive note, flist ♥

"Who with?"

Oct. 2nd, 2010 11:13 pm
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Having a Doctor Who first series marathon in the Stockholm apartment with Cousin2 and the lil' bro. My cunning plan to get more friend into this is clearly working, as the two of them are glued to the tv and smiling gleefully (especially Cousin2, who is just about the last person I'd expect to get into something like this). We watched the first six episodes last night and tonight I've been driving them crazy going "Captain Jack! Oh you just wait, there are leather pants in the immediate future!"

Episode 10 just ended and I'm pretty sure Cousin2 ships Jack/Nine. She just doesn't know it yet. >:)
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Is anyone on my f-list watching Rizzoli & Isles? Because I'm here drawing some challenge stuff and getting increasingly annoyed at episode 6. You don't usually hear me criticize much, but really now. I'm 13 minutes in and there are already two things that are making me frown. First, the episode is called "I kissed a girl" presumably because the murdered woman was married to a woman. Secondly, there's a male character who's OMG a nurse, recommends using biodegradable doggie poo bags (the one he's holding is also pink, but I'm not sure if it's his), wants to be a "stay-at-home daddy" and is fairly obviously being played for laughs.

Speaking off I Kissed A Girl, I have a song for you: Ihmisten edessä by Jenni Vartiainen (m4a file. sorry guys, I'll get an mp3 for next time).
I sort of think of it as the opposite of the first song. Yes, both songs are sung by beautiful straight women, both are fairly pop-y and got a lot of radio play, but the thing that makes them different is the way they present a similar subject matter*. Vartiainen and Teemu Brunila (the writer of the song) were even awarded by Seta**("Sexual equality", the main LGBT rights organisation in Finland) for the song, which was described as an "apposite evocation of the courage needed from LGBT people to e.g. publicly hold hands". Google will probably provide you with translated lyrics if you want them.

In other news, Torchwood art on Tuesday!

*I'm using the word "similar" loosely here. Song about kissing a random girl vs. song about a non-normative/lesbian relationship.
**Fun fact: Tarja Halonen, the president of Finland, was the chairwoman '80-'81.


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