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Still not dead! I know you've been worried. Wha-? Oh, you don't remember who I am?

Hi, it's Ace. I haven't checked in here since... the lj redesigns, I guess. I really hope you've been well while I've been failing at being internet social. First year of uni happened and it was a confusing, vodka fueled time (Finnish tea parties, we called them). Here's to hoping the upcoming year will make more sense.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that while I'll be trying to periodically come back and check lj, most of my time is taken up by tumblr. I've finally got a fandom tumblr here if you want check that out (the top post atm is a naked dude but I don't think that'll happen too often). Most posts & fanart center around Supernatural, Teen Wolf and Avengers with a helping of old loves, art tutorials and SJ reblogs. All the earlier fangirling and RL text posts are here where rl friends have found me. I can't promise I'm any less of a socially awkward failboat over on tumblr, but at least there's less disappearing for months happening. 

I've recently started making nice with my tablet so I'll leave you with the two things I've got so far:
I haven't got much practice in this yet. )

Until next time!

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Note to self: when most of your future possibilities depend on an exam, try to start studying for it before the day before. Especially if the morning before you get hooked by a +200 000 word epic that you just can't stop reading. Just a thought.

ANYWAY, that's not the point, the point is that I wanted to point out I have a [livejournal.com profile] help_japan art offer thread here. Offering one hand-drawn piece, much like last year. I'm cheap! and familiar with a bunch of stuff I didn't think to mention in the fandom list! And if my particular sketchy thing isn't to your tastes, there are heaps of other terrifyingly talented people offering stuff.

Also considering whether I have the time to offer to fill a sketchbook with all the uni exams coming up.( A sensible person would only study for medschool, I'm probably doing three more on top of that.) Would take me absolutely ages, but... Yeah, maybe. Will inform if I do. :)
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(It so is still the 28th in my mind and in various timezones.)
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That title there is Finnish for "from its unsystematic nature?" All one word with a prefix and at least four suffixes! I get gleeful when I realize my language allows me to form words like that and to say things like  "Istahtaisinkohan?" which means "I wonder if I should sit down for a while?". One word for something that would take ten to say in English. That's your Finnish lesson of the day, kids.

And to thank you for sticking around through times of no art whatsoever, a doodle drawn after I saw the first ep of Sherlock.
Sherlock would seriously disapprove of this sweetness )

P.S. I am hooked and confused by Lost Girl.
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 I FINISHED MY PERSONAL STATEMENT. It is a very intricately weaved web of words to fool smart people into believing I am like them and also the next great multilingual hospital pharmacist!* HURRAH, DARLINGS!


*True story.
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Art for Torchwood Big Bang fic, The World You Thought You Lived In by becky-monster.

Artist notes: When I claimed the fic in the first place, I loved the idea of a larger alternate universe story centered around Lisa, but I had no idea how great it would be. The story's so good, and the characters well thought-out. I loved Lisa, Ianto and Jack and their relationship as well as the supporting characters (especially Tosh <3). Also, it helped that Beckymonster was more than wonderful to work with, even providing me with last minute reference pictures when I got nervous. You know the drill guys, go read the awesome fic!

Lisa, Tosh and a scene in Greenwich park )

Hope you like them!

Now what are you still here for? Shoo, go read the fic here!
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HI YOU. How's it going?

I just did some googling and found A BUNCH of new photos from the Pride to add to my big fat post of (North) Pride, and I got so giggly and excited I needed to go run a lap through the night dark house. Who cares that it's 4 o'clock and I've got to wake up at 7 to go sit in on an overpriced math course that makes me suspect that I've never set foot in a math class in my life (someone has just planted the memories of sitting in one in my brain, forgetting to include the actual teachings. Yes, that's what must have happened), when I have over 30 pictures from one of the most awesome day of summer and the people who made it so great. (we can play spot-the-tiny-blur-that-might-be-Ace! when I post. I might offer doodles! :D)

Still feeling a bit of the high from an awesome weekend I sorta came out to Summer (otherwise known as Cousin1, one of my favourite people and a friend since birth)! She came over and we talked about shit and I gushed a lot about what an awesome time Pride was and then we got to talking about religion (OH HEY I left the religion! Like officially! Maybe more about that later :D?) and all ridiculous things that parents could react badly to when you bring the person you date home. And then I said "Well I did still bring Z home. But I don't think mom realized" and she went "what" and I said "when we dated". She asked a couple questions like "when were you dating?" "You mean your friend Z, right?" and in the end she seemed to think that it was just something I did, in a "why not" fashion. I didn't clearly identify myself as queer/homo/pansexual, but it's good enough for now. In a way I like her conclusion that it was something I (and people generally) did because "why not".

Also I need to pimp out the BBB art I did for Play The Piano Drunk Like A Percussion Instrument Until The Fingers Begin To Bleed A Bit by takkatakkatakka. You can find all three drawings (Audrey, Ryan, Z&Tennessee) in this here post. I'm super happy with how they turned out. And while you're there go check out the story because it's awesome and has great characterizations. I love all parts with Z and Tennessee most and there's a bit of them with Brendon that I'm especially fond of. Add it to your summer reading lists, bbs!

And to close this off some prettiness in the form of Jónsi!

Now, really, tell me what you've been up to? :)
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[This post can also be viewed on my LJ.]
Whee, it's finally posting time!

I was lucky to get to do art for Angelic intervention (life is never that easy), a kradambigbang story written by the awesome estel_willow. She was a wonder to work with, patiently answering all my questions about the mythology in the story, which by the way you should go read right now. I especially loved her Allison!

So, here are my very first 3 pieces featuring Adam and Kris, Cassidy and Allison. Hope you like them!

3 pieces under the cut! )
Now that you've seen the art go and read the story here!

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Hey Nasssty, it's not quite the 28th anymore, but I hope you had the AWESOMEST birthday, ate plenty of ice cream and got the coolest gifts! You're the bestest of all, bro! ♥

I painted you a picture, too.

One glam!Brendon under here )

Sorry for the spam f-list, I should be done for now! :D?
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Title: Featuring Bob Fuckin' Bryar
Media: pens, watercolours, coloured pencils, pencil.
Notes: This is my second help_Haiti piece and it's all for saba1789! Her prompt was "something Bob. Maybe him playing his drums? Or just sitting around smoking? Or not!smiling at something one of his bandmembers did?", which later evolved into Bob & sound-check shenanigans + bonus Mikey. This one actually looks way better irl! I got all experimental with it, which lead to the outcome having three layers glued together: Bob, the riser and Mikey, and the rest of the background. Despite my poor fingers having many close calls with sharp objects, this was terribly fun to do. I haven't drawn MCR in ages so it was a challenge, but I think I did okay. :)
P.S. Drawing anything technical such as instruments is not my strongest suit so I ask you to suspend you disbelief when it comes to those thing, okay?

On to the art! )
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Title: Sweets
Media: pens, watercolours (& coloured pencils)
Notes: This is for one of my two help_Haiti winners, allwhowander121, who wanted "Brendon/Ryan (as original characters actually). Brendon is Zeph and Ryan is Zeke and I'd love if he could have his stuffed pink elephant (named Trooble) with him." She sent me a bunch of links and info, too, and after sketching the boys for a while I decided to draw them hanging out in the bus after a show. (You can see here what is apparently my "simple background".)

sugar and cuddles )
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Hiya darlings. This is not the longer post I wished to write today, but I wanted to let you know that I'm offering 2 pieces of fanart in the help_haiti community. You can find my offer HERE.

I scanned some sketchbook pages yesterday so I could show more examples of what I'm offering and I thought I should post them on my journal too, so here:

Original arts )

Bandom: 3 images )

Okay, gotta run now!
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Here's a piece I drew for the curtain fic challenge for the prompt #79 - Greta/Vicky-T: Laundry day.
It's rated G, and done in photoshop (my first completely digital piece!). Also, as a side note, I have no explanation for the cat poster on their wall.
Clickity click! )
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The exclusive art I did for multi-fandom Advent calendar (=mfac over at lj) has been posted over here!

Birthday doodle for [personal profile] milenaa! Quick and silly, just like most of what I do:
Read more... )

Plus, an additional one that the bff told me was slightly creepy. Um, oops?
(I have to get rid of this habit of drawing thumbnail size pictures!)

Oh and also, rounding up the two art-meme pieces from January that I'm fairly proud of!

[profile] spork_aiMikey Way riding a unicorn )
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Long time no post. Hello new and old friends! I'm planning on doing an intro post, but I don't know what to write yet. What do you/people in general want to know about me?

I made some art! 3 pics under the cut, including my Black Parade Mary Sue(s) that I finally got scanned.
BP Mary Sue, Girl!Spencer in a bra & lady Greta. )

Feedback is love. I love concrit & advice, both make me better.

This post & failiness is brought to you by 6AM and no sleep. Maybe a nap would be good since in about 7 hours I'm leaving to go spend some time with grandma & grandpa until Friday. So no internet for a few days.

Hi guys, what's up? I'm pretty excited about starting my bgbb art. Has everyone except me signed up for the h/c challenge? What propts have you claimed?

[There is a huge fly in here and I'm terrified. Come save me!]
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Hello darlings.

I'm in a hurry at the moment, so this is just going to be a quick post of things that I want to say before disappearing from the internet for a short while.

1. Thank you Speep, Milenaa and Nasssty_slyth (html hates me today) for the art advice on the May 31th post. It was very helpful!

2. I have a scanner! It's pretty old, but it works. So, now I'm working hard to get all all the art-y stuff I've promised and planned to post ready.
This includes:
-the BP!me(because I'm kinda proud of it)
-a fanart sketch for a fic by Aceles (which was actually ready to be posted a month ago, but then I edited it a bit, and then a little more, and ended up redoing it altogether /o\. Now I'm trying to figure out if adding color would ruin the whole thing...)
-last 2 sketches for that meme sort of thing I posted before disappearing completely from the internet. (The other one's only 5 months late...)
-more thegaystarfish comic fanart! Now, after reading the 5th chapter, I'm even more excited to get the pieces for chapters 2-4 ready.
(- I'm also doing a t-shirt for my BFF's birthday (which was in May. Can you see the common theme of extreme lateness in everything I do?) that I think I'm going to have to post f-locked even though I try to keep the art/bandom stuff public.)

3. As I already mentioned, I'm going to be internet-less for a while. I'm visiting relatives, spending a week in France with the family and after that staying at the family cabin in the middle of the woods for another week. I will have some internet access 7th-9th of July, but the next time I'm sure to really have the chance to comment/post is 14th of July. I'll try to check my email as often as possible though (it's wethepainted [at] gmail.com if you need to reach me).

Wow, okay, that's a lot of parentheses.

ETA: Just for kicks, 2 detail shots of a drawing that unfortunately got in an accident with a half full coke bottle.

Frank's tattoo & Girl!Bob )
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This is what happens when I get my hands on a pair of scissors, some watercolors, a good pen and an idea.

I love the gay starfish comic. It's all ♥______♥ and high pitched noises kind of love.
Unfortunately I am very bad at commenting on fic or art, and when it's both wrapped up in an awesomely cool package, it's almost impossible! ( I mean, how could I possibly fit all my grand declarations of love in that tiny comment box? )

Well, I just figured out how to at least try.

I present to you, a silent Ode to The Gay Starfish comic
(part 1, Inspired by book 2, chapter 1)
my chem 

There is hopefully going to be more soon(-ish)!

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My old sketchbook is now officially dead. Every single page fell off. Time to switch for a new one.
Here's what I found while picking up the pages:

A few older doodles )

  Brendon sketch from monday )

I had totally forgotten this :D:D )

(PS. I already got started with the drawings for last post, so they're coming soon-ish!)

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(All credit for the idea goes to [profile] azulpoppwho posted this kind of thing yesterday.)

I found 36 colour pencils and couple pens gathering dust in the deepest, darkest corner of my closet today and thought, there is no better way to start using them than drawing pretty bandom boys and girls! I get practice and you get drawings. Everybody wins!
So leave me a prompt or a few (I suck at drawing naked people, but otherwise anything is fine by me) and I'll try to draw something this weekend. If you don't have anything in mind right now, come back later! I'll be keeping an eye on this post.

(Ps. I will try my best but won't promise the doodles actually resemble the people :D)


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