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We quickly went over the most likely right answers for the English listening comprehension exam today and oh gosh that was a massive embarrassment.

I lost 15 points out of 90. And not one of them was an honest mistake of "oh, I didn't understand what was being said". I actually quite liked this years texts. They were engaging and even entertaining. But of course I over-thought and complicated 3 of the questions* and failed to fully concentrate long enough to hear the full answer on the other two. And the last one was the most baffling to me, where I had actually written the important minor detail down to my notes the first time I heard it and then forgotten it completely when it was time to answer.

>:( Self, I disapprove of this.

Mostly I keep imagining this:
... )

or going between these two.

*["this sounds like a logical answer no wait logic doesn't come into play in these what's going on with the word order maybe they're trying to trick us AHA I'll go with the complete opposite." OR "he did say it was good on paper even though it didn't provide the challenges this other one did but he was talking about how he felt personally I'll go with this vague other answer that at least isn't just a great big sweeping generalization.]

I'm alive

Sep. 12th, 2010 09:51 pm
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 ...and kicking. 

Though I sort of want to throttle myself for not studying for my matriculation exams. I was going to! And now I find myself honestly confused by the fact that they start tomorrow and the full amount of time I've spent revising anything? Two hours. On last Tuesday.


Also confusing is how uncharacteristically nonchalant I'm feeling about this whole thing. Oh well, oh well.

So, it seems I will continue to be a horrible f-lister of no good for another 2 weeks (containing my 7 exam dates)before I get to make my joyous return with much rambling.
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I am my own tech expert! Or in other words, I got my stuff back. \o/

I've been away from my laptop (and still am, I'm on mom's laptop atm) doing some blueberry cleaning business with mummi and ukki (the grandparents) and the cousins like last year and this week I'm in Stockholm. I got spectacularly lost on my first day and it was glorious even though afterwards my feet were so sore. Still are actually. Mom and lil bro are moving here for 2 years so we have a really nice apartment not too far from the city center. I'm loving the city. There are so many things to see and hear and the people. I've already been to the library and it's beautiful at least compared to the city library at home, which is a dull concrete box.

Today I found a really cool bookshop when I did some metro hopping, and bought Pärlör & Patroner: 60 historiska kvinnopoträtt and some queer poetry in Swedish and Stone Butch Blues, which I stashed to the bottom of my suitcase for the moment. I talked a little with the woman at the register and learned that the person in the 20 knoror bill, Selma Lagerlöf, was the first female writer to win the Nobel Prize in Literature and "a big dyke". :DD Reading something interesting in Swedish should be good practice for my YO exams (our equivalent for A-levels, I think), especially when in the three days I've spent here I've noticed that I can't even order coffee without getting both myself and the poor baristas confused :D:. 

I'm off to go eat and watch a movie now, but I'll check in later and see if I can get some f-list reading done. If I've missed something big (or small), you can tell me about it in the comments. :)

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HI YOU. How's it going?

I just did some googling and found A BUNCH of new photos from the Pride to add to my big fat post of (North) Pride, and I got so giggly and excited I needed to go run a lap through the night dark house. Who cares that it's 4 o'clock and I've got to wake up at 7 to go sit in on an overpriced math course that makes me suspect that I've never set foot in a math class in my life (someone has just planted the memories of sitting in one in my brain, forgetting to include the actual teachings. Yes, that's what must have happened), when I have over 30 pictures from one of the most awesome day of summer and the people who made it so great. (we can play spot-the-tiny-blur-that-might-be-Ace! when I post. I might offer doodles! :D)

Still feeling a bit of the high from an awesome weekend I sorta came out to Summer (otherwise known as Cousin1, one of my favourite people and a friend since birth)! She came over and we talked about shit and I gushed a lot about what an awesome time Pride was and then we got to talking about religion (OH HEY I left the religion! Like officially! Maybe more about that later :D?) and all ridiculous things that parents could react badly to when you bring the person you date home. And then I said "Well I did still bring Z home. But I don't think mom realized" and she went "what" and I said "when we dated". She asked a couple questions like "when were you dating?" "You mean your friend Z, right?" and in the end she seemed to think that it was just something I did, in a "why not" fashion. I didn't clearly identify myself as queer/homo/pansexual, but it's good enough for now. In a way I like her conclusion that it was something I (and people generally) did because "why not".

Also I need to pimp out the BBB art I did for Play The Piano Drunk Like A Percussion Instrument Until The Fingers Begin To Bleed A Bit by takkatakkatakka. You can find all three drawings (Audrey, Ryan, Z&Tennessee) in this here post. I'm super happy with how they turned out. And while you're there go check out the story because it's awesome and has great characterizations. I love all parts with Z and Tennessee most and there's a bit of them with Brendon that I'm especially fond of. Add it to your summer reading lists, bbs!

And to close this off some prettiness in the form of Jónsi!

Now, really, tell me what you've been up to? :)
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Hello guys, sorry for disappearing off the internet. I was super busy for pretty much all of last month with tons of exams and actual socializing (yes, I'm not kidding). Somehow I also managed to cram all of the Doctor Who episodes from Rose to The End of Time into that month. Time well spent, I'd say. I have so much to say, but to spare you from an incoherent chatter I'll just sum it up to BLAH BLAH BLAH and expand on that later with pictures and doodled graphs and everything.

[ETA because I forgot at first] Did you see the awesome glitteratti sunglasses I got from Nasssty? My rl sunglasses may be broken, but on the internet I'm covered. Thanks so much, bb! :)

It's summer! The weather hasn't gotten the memo yet, but I have my fingers crossed for being able to wear my dresses without tights next week. Still, even though it's holiday time and the sun will be shining, it doesn't mean I'll have two months to sit around trying to get a tan. Nope. I have my four compulsory matriculation exams coming up this fall and I will have to study during these next three months like it's my sole purpose in life. On top of that I signed up for kradambigbang, bandgirlsbang, tw_bigbang and hc_bingo, promised to spend time in Stockholm helping my mother and brother get settled in for their two-year stay and planned to get my driver's license before August. I'll be the busiest bee!

Anyways, here's my bingo card for hc_bingo.
Telepathy, love potions AND zombie apocalypse! \o/ )
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Hi guys! I've been 18 for four full days now and I feel old. Contributing to my feeling old is the fact that all the muscles in my lower half have been cramped since Monday (first P.E. lesson of the year, Cooper's test) and I've been mostly shuffling slowly from place to place instead of walking. Despite that P.E. lessons have not been horrible so far, which is a positive surprise! The 5km we had to jog on Tuesday didn't help with the cramped muscles, neither did the gymnastics lesson on Wednesday, but it's almost sort of fun. And on Friday's volleyball lesson I only got the ball to the face twice and on both times I was the one throwing it. (You might wonder how one manages to do that, and the only explanation is that it's me. I don't know how I made it through 6 years of cheerleading with just some bruises. Have I told you about that time when I fell from a picket fence? No?) No sprained fingers nor cut eyebrows this time!

My birthday was all nice and cheerful. Not terribly eventful, but that's the way I like it. I had dinner with the family on Monday and they gave me their gift, which was them telling me that there's enough money in my education fund to cover at least two years of me going to uni in Scotland. I can't tell you how happy this makes me, guys! One thing fewer to worry about. Now I just need to work hard enough to get in. My friends greeted me at school Tuesday morning and I got a birthday cupcake and tons of hugs and we made plans to go see Kick-ass sometime next week. I got birthday texts from friends and relatives and a long phone call from C1 who informed me that she was coming to town (which she did, on Thursday, and we spent the whole day watching House episodes. I got to show her the tattoo design she'd asked me to draw for her and she liked it!). Next week we'll have some relatives over for dinner and cake and I'll get to celebrate more. To summarize everything into one word: funtimes!

Also, Nasssty drew me the most amazing birthday card (Princess Z and (Pirate) Captain Tennessee!! *___* Go look, you guys!), which arrived in the mail on Wednesday with the cutest pair of earrings! And, I got an awesome e-card in German from Saba!! <3

Oh and the bff gave me the most awesome shirt that I will have to take and post pictures of later! Remind me of this if I forget, k? Then you can also finally see my new hair and glasses.

Now, onto the best part of this post. I baked chocolate-y goodness also know as Daim cake for myself on Tuesday and took some to school the next day to share with the gang, and the response (four demands to share the recipe and 2 new friends made) confirmed that I needed to share the deliciousness with the world. So, here is the recipe with making-of pictures!


Onto the recipe! )

*And in the middle of writing this post when I went to get tea I managed to drop a full glass bottle of olive oil onto the same kitchen carpet. Mad skills of clumsiness, I've got them. /o\
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Mood swings are no fun and neither are fights with parents. Obvious statement is obvious.

I played in the snow the other day like a little kid. I jumped and ran around giggling manically until I wore myself out (admittedly it didn't take all that long). I left my gloves in the bus in January and haven't had the chance to get new ones, so my fingers were completely frozen when I came back inside. Even though there's so much snow that it forms piles that are higher than I am tall, I know that the spring is coming because the sun still shines warmly through the living room windows when I get back from school.

My silly friends Eli and Z are maybe starting to see what is right in front of their noses. Or what is on the other side of the globe at the moment, since Eli is in Mexico for her exchange year. They're almost best friends, sometimes fake-girlfriends, and I can't believe it's taking them this long to go "oh". Eli's been telling me about her crush on Z like it's a big surprise and to be honest I find it adorable. I hope Z stops being so oblivious soon.

I'm reading a book in Swedish, Ronia the Robber's Daughter, and it's awesome to find out how much I understand. Sure, I've read the book before and I have a copy in Finnish that I check every once in a while, but man, small victories.

This past Monday I got a package from Nasssty (hi! Thank you! ILU!). It had chocolate (omnomnom) and a tar paper notebook with recycled paper pages and it made me smile like a fool. I've started filling out the pages with sketches and story bits, in hopes that I'd get some inspiration for my BBB. I didn't complete the first wave story but I loved the idea so I might try to finish that one (The Like & Panic, princesses and thieves and werewolves and silly search/rescue missions in the name of true love!) or poke Nasssty into turning our exchange about theater nerds and ghosts into a real story.

Hi loves, sorry for being around so little. How are you?
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First off, I've had the failiest week and a half and I hope it's finally ended. I've mixed up stuff, made stupid mistakes and generally been confused by existence. It feels like what I imagine having swiss cheese for brains would feel like. Seriously, I've been even clumsier and more absent-minded than normal, like for example last week I almost walked in front of a moving vehicle THREE SEPARATE TIMES and stumbled in stairs once.
Self, go get some sleep. I do not want to get hit by a bus. Especially if it's one of the new, ugly ones.

Yesterday I realised that my two-year bandom anniversary was about three weeks ago! I only began de-lurking a while ago so I don't know if it counts. Still, I can remember stumbling upon some ridiculous Mary Sue fics on FOE and then thankfully finding my way to lj and the better stories. In the two years my focus has shifted from FOB to MCR to Panic(!) to... here, I guess, happily loving even the rarest of rarepairs and all the ladies of bandom!

Pretty, shiny, new The Like! + new girl crush. )

Anyway, today while I was waiting for that style-lightning to strike me, I happened to find cool rubber boots and of course I had to try on the most colourful ones.
See, they're awesome! The store won't let me buy one of each, so I need your help to decide which pair to buy. At the moment I'm in favour of the green one, but on the other hand the zebra one is ridiculous and that is a great quality for a shoe to have. Opinions?
(*I did come across shiny golden platform anklet boots, but they were way too big for me. My life, so hard.)

Gosh, I feel out of breath just having written that. I'm sorry for the tense changes, but it is three AM and I can't quite muster up the level of clarity needed for me to fix them. If you read all that, I applaud you. How are things?
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I'm in a hurry so here some things in a list form:

1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY [personal profile] milenaa!!! (I'm only one day late :D?)
[this is a placeholder for the doodle that I'll scan on Sunday, because right now I'm almost going to be late for the train /o\.]

2. I GOT MAIL! Thank you for the awesome Christmas cards, [personal profile] milenaa and [personal profile] saba1789, they're so cute and pretty!
(I forgot to buy stamps for mine, so I'll have wait until Monday to send them. They'll arrive sometime in January, I guess :D)

3.I'M GONNA SEE* THE SOUNDS TOMORROW!! CAN'T WAIT!! I'll be in a train to Helsinki soon with the bff Mandy. We couldn't make the show here yesterday, because it was K-18, but the Sounds are definitely worth traveling to the other end of the country for!

4. I just realized that I haven't bought any Christmas gifts! I need gifts for my parents, one set of grandparents, little brother, godparents and Mandy, and I only have vague plans as to what I should get for them.
For Mandy I'm thinking of making a mask from this shiny turquoise fabric I have and decorating it with a ton of beads and sequins. I'm also giving her the b-day gift that is ridiculously late.
For my parents, I'm planning on giving prints** of these photos I took. The prints aren't terribly good, but I'll have the better ones after I get my photography course work back. Also, dad needs a tie and for mom I'll try to find a book (any recs, flist? Some authors she likes include Liza Marklund and Paulo Coelho).
Are you giving a lot of gifts this year flist? What kinds of gifts have you bought/made?

*or more like hear, since I'm tiny and there is no chance I'll actually see the stage. Normally I'd be ready to go there early to get to the front, but it's really cold outside, like, 'my upper and lower lashes keep freezing together when I blink' kind of cold, and I'm fond of my toes and fingers.
**prints might not be the right word. The pictures were pressed from photo paper to to this softer thicker paper and they look sort of worn?
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Hiya dudes. I've decided to try and change my sleeping pattern and am completely exhausted because of that. My sleeping habits have been a mess for years so I feel like it's about time. So far the only thing I've managed to do is quit napping during the day, and because I can't sleep during the night, I've been a total zombie for three solid weeks now. Fortunately, it's coming to the point where no matter how busy my mind is the body will just shut off. Or at least I hope so. Tonight I hope to get a full 6 hours of sleep.

Because of the lack of any higher brain functioning, I have gotten absolutely nothing done in a while and am feeling terrible about it. I have all these ideas, and I'm excited for starting and working on and finishing stuff, but at the moment I simply have no energy.

BUT THERE IS POSITIVE STUFF TOO. This week the culture center is hosting a Lesbian and Gay movie festival, Vinokino. When I saw the poster I just stared for a while, because these things do not usually come here! It's nothing big, a movie per day (except 2 on Sunday), but I've already been to two and it's been so awesome, today especially. Yesterday I went to see I can't think straight with Z and today I went to see Patrik 1,5 by myself and let me tell you, it was amazing. I sat there in the 50 seat theater surrounded by the most fabulous queers thinking where the hell have you all been hiding!. Alas, I did not find out since I was too shy to go and ask anyone where they'd been all my life ;D
I won't be able to catch the movies on tomorrow or Saturday, but I already have the ticket for Sunday's short movie batch. I'd be interested in seeing Travel Queeries, too, but Sunday is Father's Day and I don't think I can spend the whole day running around town.

Also, I said I was going to take a picture of my hair with the purple mask, and I did! (webcam quality) The colors look all weird and orange-tinted though (my lips are not naturally orange), and the orange has eaten the cool pink-ish shade that I was trying to get evidence of. And then 2 weeks ago I went and got my hair cut short (they buzzed the back so it's like 0.5cm) leaving me only the peach colored bangs and otherwise all white hair.

To finish this post I present to you the random question of the day: are there any generally positive adjectives you don't want people to use when describing you? Or alternatively, is there a word (just one) you wish people would think of when they think of you?
[I'm not even sure what my answer would be for the second one, but for the first one? Definitely the word 'cute'. At least when it seems to be the only word people associate with me. >:/]
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Never before have I wished I could write as much as I do right now. I saw this bandom_hc entry(a gorgeous piece of art, warnings:eating disorder) and now I have a story in my head. A story about best friends and eating disorder and angst and worry and love. But I can't find the words. Fail self >:/ (I even tried. I sat here staring at an empty googledoc for an hour before giving up.) UGH. What do you do when you have to get some words out?

Hello loves. This has been a weird week and the next one seems to continue the same. Not bad weird, but the kind that leaves me a little confused and taking naps in the one spot of sunlight in our living room.
I dyed my hair. I tried to make it white blond and got a nice light pink-ish orange color with blond roots. I'm surprisingly happy with this accidental result, and might even take a ridiculous picture for you with my pretty purple mask!

The rec post? Is quickly becoming a thing of epic proportions. I'm gonna limit it to 30 and try to include some fics that not everyone has already read. And maybe even limit the genderswap fics to 10 or so. What can I say, it's probably my favorite genre.

Okay, I'm off to bed. Chem in the morning with the good teacher, I'll even try and get some of the homework done.
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It snowed all day today. 


Where did the fall go?

[As a fair warning, this paragraph is nothing but me ranting about my headphone troubles. Feel free to skip, I just needed to let off some steam.]
My headphones are broken. Again. I bought the original pair last December, and by April the sound was only coming from the right side. I took them to the store got a new pair and now this pair has the same problem. These headphones come with a 1-year guarantee, and so in theory, I should get a new pair without problems like last time, right? APPARENTLY NOT. I need the receipt. This shouldn't be a problem since every purchase where we show the exclusive (regular customer) card, should be found on that card, and I could just go and have them print out the receipt like last time. Except I have gone and tried to get them to do that 2 times now, waited in line for at least 20 minutes both times, and the first time the computers weren't working right, and today they said that I have bought no such thing from them. Ughhhh. the smug looking guy asked me about million times if I was sure it was the right card, the right month, the right price, and if I was sure I wasn't imagining the whole thing. I KNOW MY FACTS, OKAY.

Long story short: I can't get the receipt, so the store won't give me a new pair of headphones.

So I need to buy new headphones. Do you guys have recommendations as to what kind I should get? My only requirement is that I need to be able to take them with me everywhere.
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This. You and me both, Ryan. You and me both.

I went to the movies with Z to see Julie & Julia today. I think it was a good movie with really great actors (Meryl Streep and Amy Adams were fantastic in it). I'm not exactly sure if it was just me being tired, but I felt the pacing could have been better... the ending seemed sort of anticlimactic maybe?

Hi. No rec post yet, I'm afraid. I've been trying to remember some of the stories I've really enjoyed during the last month, and I have already found 15 stories to recommend, but today is not the day I'll be sharing them. I'm feeling a bit... weird. The couple of days after a test week are always odd, just getting used not being stressed or busy, and I've yet to fully settle back into my skin. Though the tiredness could also be related to the scratchy feeling in my throat. I hope it'll pass, it'd be crappy to get the flu that has been around.
So yeah, recs at some point during next week, when I can get properly enthusiastic about them. I'll find a few more to get a nice rounded number and I'm going to even figure out something more than "omg, this is awesome, go read it!!!" to say about the stories. It'll be great, trust me.

 I also have some other stuff I want to ramble about, but I'll have time to tell you about my crazy headband-making plans later, right?

Now I'll go and take a long hot shower, then draw for a while (I have ideas for both my curtain fic art and bandom au art \o/) and go to sleep. Not a terribly exciting plan, but I'm pretty fond of it.
What have you guys been up to?

Edited to cut out some of the excess rambling and to share this:


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