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 Hi Hi Hi. First off, I got some post during the holidays! Thanks [livejournal.com profile] saba1789 for the lovely card ♥ & [livejournal.com profile] aredblush for the package (the card was awesome (my little brother was very impressed when I showed him) & the snowman got the best place in the tree :D)

Then, fair warning, I'm going to rant about applying to UK universities now. In audio form! (wouldn't upload. You'll get another chance to laugh at my English eventually ;)) Most of this is not very coherent, more like my anxious stressing out in list form. So run to the hills and don't look back!

1) I'm running out of time in applying.

2) The teacher providing the reference is on holiday until after the deadline. The only other teacher willing to do it isn't a language teacher, nor all that fluent in English.

3) I know nothing about UK universities and how I'm supposed to pick the ones to apply to. What if I choose a crappy one?

4) Browsing some of the pages of the old, fancy universities, I found out that entry requirements for Finnish students are worryingly high blah blah average grade M/E/L

matriculation exam grades from highest to lowest: L, E, M, C, B, A, I (wherein all but I are passing grades)
My current scores: L, (M, C, C) from obligatory subjects(I GOT A LAUDATUR! in English! I know, it's hard to believe :D)
Exams to take for the first time: Higher Maths, Physics, A-level French (expecting passing grades, but not high ones)

5) Choosing a subject to study is hard. I'm interested in too many subjects from pharmacy to modern languages and media & design. Right now I'm thinking I might apply to 2 pharmacy, 2 modern languages, 1 media.

6) I worry about planning ahead, employability and my grades in non-obligatory subjects keeping me from the subjects that I'm interested in.

"LOL you're way late with this uni stuff" is always an appropriate answer. :D

P.S. This personal statement business, what's up with that? I'm Finnish, it's unnatural for me to think very highly of myself. Just thinking about actually praising myself makes me dizzy.
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