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Do you have amazing recipes for sweet stuff that could go into a holiday care package? Because if you do, I'd love to hear about them, especially if you know some without eggs or flour.

I've had a tradition of doing a batch of big homemade & decorated heart-shaped gingerbread cookies for each of my friends instead of drawing cards. This year I'm not confident enough to make the cookie dough by myself, so I'm doing gift bags with assorted sweet stuff to nibble on when taking a break from aunts, uncles, and cousins you're not sure you're actually related to. 

I'm planning on doing cinnamon sugar 'S's, cake pops, twisty candy sticks, hot chocolate on a stick (little bit of a theme forming there), some cookies, something chocolate-y, and toffee if I can finally get it right on the trillionth try. I tried twice on Thursday and the first batch had an overwhelming taste of burnt sugar, while the second one refused to set or even freeze when I dumped it outside in the -20 degree weather. On top of that, the latter was a rather eye-searing shade of yellow, possibly glowed in the dark. Got any good tips for successful toffee-making? Throw them into the comments!

Later on the to-do list: Karelian pies! I made them for the first time last year with a Swiss friend of mine, who wanted to bake something Finnish. The batch of almost 60 was gone in an hour. Recipe and helpful pictures of the baking process to come nearer 24th (which is btw, the day when we celebrate here)

Are you feeling the holiday spirit, flist?
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